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The Fine The Fine Print of Life: How Panna Lal Found Happiness, Wisdom and Mishri Devi of Life

How Life Unfolds: A Scrutiny Inspired by the Advaita philosophy

Harnam Sethi’s Journey to Self Discovery

Life on Autopilot: A Study of who We Are: Inspired by the Advaita philosophy

The Diary of a Professor: A story of enlightenment.

Enlightenment on the Horizon



Human energy. Release it now!


A co-creative learning adventure with PS Wasu


Life is an amazing game. Its fuzzy rules can be a source of joy or bewilderment depending on how we play the game. The Fine Print of Life workshop is about playing the game the best way possible and enjoying it too!


Welcome to The Fine Print of Life. A mega mind-training workshop covering the entire gamut of what it takes to unleash human energy. The workshop is about creating personal breakthroughs that inevitably lead to organizational breakthroughs.


The Fine Print of Life is based on the principle that in the optimal state of mind you do things optimally. It’s a journey of a lifetime aimed at cultivating the optimal state of mind. Operating from that state, you are more vibrant and effective in life. You have balance, ease, joy, awareness and vitality. And you perform all tasks the best way possible naturally and spontaneously.


The Fine Print of Life has been designed to impact the mind models from which you operate, waking you up to the possibilities of your own life. As a result, it brings about a paradigm shift in the way you relate to life, enabling you to reorient your worldview, recreate your contexts, reset your life’s agenda and reinvent yourself!


The Fine Print of Life is explorative, not prescriptive. It doesn’t show the way but enables you to create your own way. As it brings you in touch with your own inherent wisdom, you find yourself intrinsically motivated, ready to take on the challenges of life with joy and confidence. You leave the workshop all primed up to embark on the journey of your life with a dance-like ease!



Nurturing the roots


The Fine Print of Life is one-of-a-kind workshop that doesn’t fit into any known category. If you try to identify the training needs of your people, the need for this workshop might go unnoticed. It is only when people go through this workshop that they recognize it as the missing link in their learning.


While addressing specific behavioural needs is like tending the leaves and branches of a tree, going for a holistic approach is like nurturing the roots of the tree. The Fine Print of Life is a holistic workshop that looks at the individual as a whole and brings about a shift from the inside out, ensuring personal growth organically, so to speak. Here is what the workshop does to people:


• Allows the blossoming of one’s potential.

• Enhances creativity and personal effectiveness.

• Sharpens intuition and decision making skills.

• Infuses leadership qualities and change-readiness.

• Helps in time and stress management.

• Improves intra-personal and inter-personal skills.

• Makes one more focused and result-oriented.

• Releases passion, ability and confidence.

• Adds to the joy of living and working.

• Sensitizes one to do what needs doing.

• Puts one on the path of continuous learning.

• Facilitates flexibility, openness and adaptability.

• Enables one to be the designer of one’s life.

• Gives rise to the optimal experience of being alive.

• Opens up a whole new world of possibilities.



Learning wheels within learning wheels


The Fine Print of Life is a big-canvas, intense experiential workshop that uses a cyclical format to show the big picture. There is an apparent learning as well as learning at a deeper, subliminal level. Imperceptibly, the participants arrive at a point where they can see things for themselves. Suddenly, everything falls into place for them.


The process was described as “learning wheels within learning wheels” by a perceptive participant deeply affected by the workshop. To be sure, the unique methodology was not invented in a flash of inspiration but evolved on its own in the course of delivering workshops.


The workshop is akin to an informal get-together with conversation as its main tool. The participants sit in a semi-circle so that everyone has eye-contact with everyone else. The conversation is interspersed with introspection, stories, parables, jokes, exercises, discussions, etc. The participants let their hair down and there is a good amount of sharing of views.


With his natural, down-to-earth style, Wasu has a way of connecting with the participants that brings the best out of them. Over the years, he has developed an intuitive knack of saying the unsayable, enabling the participants to grasp the ungraspable and opening their minds to newer realms. Inevitably, they develop insights of their own and have many eureka-like realizations during the workshop.


There is a certain finesse to the methodology too. Wasu puts across ideas in such a way that they sound very familiar – long forgotten and now suddenly remembered. The participants look at the learning as a reflection of their own minds. It seems that they knew all this earlier in some remote parts of their minds and now it has suddenly come into their awareness. This owning up of the learning ensures deeper impact.


During the workshop, the participants go through different phases which are as diverse as different seasons of the year. At times the workshop is heavy, at times it is exhilarating. At times it is serious, at times it’s hilarious. At times it is amusing, at times it is enlightening. At times it is mushy, at times it brings creative insights to the surface. Needless to say it does different things to different people. What it does to all of them is to make them feel more alive and vibrant.


Since it is a workshop with a personal touch, impersonal aids like projector, etc., are avoided. Only the white board is used and the facilitator is not the only one who uses it.



The pith and the marrow


The Fine Print of Life is a truly holistic workshop that is complete in itself. The important sections covered in the workshop are:

Minding it: You live life inside out. Your state of mind is the engine that drives your life. A more fulfilling life will therefore automatically flow from the optimal state of mind. Glimpses of the optimal state of mind and its various facets.


Finding it: While there are no fixed ways to cultivate the optimal state, you can certainly develop the “knack” to flow into that state. Learning that “knack” by entering the doors that have always been wide open.


Seeing it: When you cultivate the optimal state of mind, this state gradually coalesces into enlightenment – a blessed state in which you transcend suffering. All about this nebulous state.


Being it: Enlightenment is a metaphor that points to a specific state of mind. Getting to know that state in concrete terms without the go-between of a metaphor. Allowing yourself to flow into that state.


Walking it: Life is a fascinating journey. At no point can you say that you have arrived. The moment you achieve your goals, they turn into milestones. Breezing through this journey instead of making a hard work of it.


Playing it: Life is an amazing game. While some of its rules are fixed, others are fuzzy and ambiguous. Being in tune with the rules of the game in order to play it best and enjoy it too!


By way of another perspective, the contents of the workshop are listed below verbatim as recounted by a group of participants in the concluding session of a workshop:


Glimpses of the optimal state of mind and its various facets. A mind that is awake, open, receptive, responsive, intuitive, caring, creative, flexible, curious, playful, joyous, peaceful, liberated and without blocks. Developing awareness that we live life inside-out and our state of mind affects our decisions, our actions and our destiny.


How to cultivate the optimal state of mind that will enable us to live optimally. Beautifying our living experience. Living life to the full. Enjoying every moment. Loving life. Cultivating joy and enthusiasm. Coming out of inertia and our comfort zone. Doing things whole-heartedly. Experiencing the thrill of stretching ourselves. Being in the flow.


Building relationships. The factors affecting the quality of communication. Examining the lens through which we look at others. The power of listening and being open and receptive. Coming out of the complaining mode, resentments and grievances.

Resilience and adaptability. Developing flexibility and letting go of our rigid viewpoints. Coming out of our prejudgments. Bipolar vision. Having an overview of things instead of clinging to one-sided viewpoints.


Looking at ourselves not as what we have been but what we can be. Developing self-trust, learning to be more intuitive and creative. Developing a ‘whole’ mind for greater spontaneity and creativity. Recognizing our wings and learning to fly. All about achieving goals. Accessing the inner guidance system to do the right thing at the right time.


Mastering life the gentle way. Experiencing effortless effort and a lightness of being. Breezing through life instead of making a hard work of it. Building trust, rapport and empathy. Getting the best out of others. Developing charisma. All about bio-rapport and between-the-line communication.


Identifying our energy drainpipes and starting the process of plugging them. Dealing with negative emotions. Transmutation of negative emotions like fear and anger into positive energy. Being sensitive to the unknown dimension of life. Expecting the unexpected and responding to it ‘live’.


Cracking the breakthrough code. When we see through the laws that govern life, we play the game of life with greater vigour. All about luck and serendipity. Getting the whole world to be on our side. The art of meeting the future at its own threshold and influencing the ‘behaviour’ of the universe.


Beyond will power. Going beyond being the bull driver whipping the inner bull. Allowing the unfolding of our potential. Realizing that there is more to us than we believe.

Transformational possibilities. Releasing our dormant energy. Reinventing ourselves. Designing our life. Life begins now!


The course material consists of the book The Fine Print of Life by PS Wasu.


PS Wasu has conducted inhouse workshops for the following organizations since 1995:

NTPC, BHEL, GLA University, TCI, Triveni Engg, Shree Cement, Birla Cement, Vertex India, Jindal Stainless, Zydus Cadila, Areva TD, Titan Industries, Bharat Electronics, CSC India, JK Tyres, Technip KT India, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, Glaxo Smithkline, Hughes Software, Hughes Escorts, Syncata, Maruti Suzuki, Oriental Insurance, Indian Airlines, IBP, The Times of India, IFFCO, GAIL, ISGEC, PVR Group, Bry-Air, India Gypsum, LNJ Bhilwara Group, NFL, JCT Electronics, Jhalani Tools, IFCI, CII, Tata Infotech, C-DOT, Musashi, ICAI, Claris Lifesciences, National Institute of Open Schooling, Consultancy Development Centre, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Hindustan Construction Co., Vodafone, Youth Opportunity Trust, Winrock, Samsung, Rohilkhand Manufacturing Association, Insilco, Adani, Jubilant Organosys and many more.


The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Participants have described Wasu’s workshop as a transformational boon, a gateway to new horizons, a redefining moment, an experience beyond words, an eye-opener, enlightening, energizing, enthralling, amazingly amazing, better than the best, the mother of all workshops and so on.


In-house programmes

Participants’ profile: Since the workshop is about self-actualization, it resonates with all levels of employees right from trainees to CEOs.

Duration: 5 days. However, a shorter version of 3 days is also available. Each day will consist of 6 hours excluding lunch and tea breaks. The participants will also be given some assignment at the end of each day.


Currently, PS Wasu has scaled down his workshop operations and accepts orders only on a selective basis.

About PS Wasu

PS Wasu’s full name is Paramjit Singh Wasu. Sometime in the early nineties, he developed fascination for Zen, Tao and the Advaita philosophy. These philosophies, or more correctly non-philosophies, moulded his thinking and inspired him to develop a life skills workshop The Fine Print of Life. 

He started conducting in-house workshops for corporates in 1995. The workshop covers the entire gamut of what it takes to unleash human energy. It won acclaim for its ability to spur individuals into transforming themselves and was widely recognized as one of the best of its kind in the world. 


The participants described it as a transformational boon, a gateway to new horizons, a redefining moment, an experience beyond words, an eye-opener, enlightening, energizing, enthralling, amazingly amazing, better than the best, mother of all workshops and so on. 


Wasu was featured by The Week magazine of India in its cover story on trainers in its issue dated March 26,2006 and by the Life Positive magazine of India in its cover story on trainers in its October, 2001 issue. 


The book version of Wasu’s workshop also titled The Fine Print of Life: How Panna Lal found Happiness, Wisdom and Mishri Devi was published by HarperCollins India in 2009. It is also available as Kindle ebook (published in 2012).


Wasu’s second book Harnam Sethi's Journey to Self Discovery: a Fairy Tale for Grown-ups (a novel) was published by Life Positive in 2013. It is also available as Kindle ebook (published in 2012).

His third book The Diary of a Professor: A Story of Enlightenment (a novella) was published as Kindle ebook in 2014.

His fourth book How Life Unfolds: A Scrutiny Inspired by the Advaita Philosophy was published as Kindle ebook in 2014.

His fifth book Life on Autopilot: A Study of Who We Are: Inspired by the Advaita Philosophy was published as Kindle ebook in 2016.

His sixth book Enlightenment on the Horizon was published as Kindle ebook in 2018.

Wasu spent most of his life in Delhi, where he lived from 1982 to 2010. In 2010, he shifted to Mumbai. Currently, he has scaled down his workshop operations and accepts orders on selective basis.  

Letting go and taking it easy are the philosophies that have always guided him in life. He is happy to let the winds blow him around.


PS Wasu is currently based in Mumbai (India).


Contact PS Wasu at

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